SMOK TFV Mini V2- A Product Review



There are endless options to choose from when it comes to vape tanks. There are stand-alone powerhouses as well; however, it gets challenging when one tries to determine what tank to go for.

Smok TFV Mini V2 Tank, as part of Smok Species, has been in the market since 2019 and continues to enjoy immense popularity and praises for all the right reasons.

It has garnered so much appreciation and fame that some veterans acclaim it is Smok’s best kit so far!

Build Quality & Design

Smok TFV comes in multiple color choices which are reminiscent of entire Smoke Species line up. It is compatible with the SMOK Morph 219 Kit.

The design philosophy mirrors that of Smoke Species: beautiful rounded corners that are complete and provide a futuristic look.

Despite the broader tank, Smok’s TFV Mini V2 tank is designed to complement every mod by fitting perfectly.

The body has a great durability owing to the use of stainless steel and Pyrex bubble glass tank, and great comfort because of wide bore drip tip by Delrin.

Flavor & Cloud Performance

The flavor and flavor hit depend upon the coils used. Smok TFV Mini V2 comes with two coils. However, a third coil is optional and can be bought separately. All three coils are mesh-based coils.

A1 Coil (0.17ohm)

It is meant to be used for 90W-140W and has a considerably larger surface of mesh and cotton. The relative larger surface area allows rapid heating of the coil which gives a remarkable hit. And the balance between flavor and cloud, in Thanos’ parlance, is “perfectly balanced as all things should be”.

A2 coil (0.2ohm)

Compared to A1 coil and used for 70-120W, the flavor through Baby V2 A2 dual coil is not as rich. What it lacks by a bare minimum in flavor, it makes up for it in cloud formation.

The clouds produced are so enormous and thick that Smok TFV Mini V2 might as well be used to film fog scenes in Hollywood!

A3 coil (0.15ohm)

Baby V2 A3 coil is a surprise package.

It combines the best of both A1 coil and A2 coil. A3 has a flavor that is as pure as A1 coil both of which are purer than a goat’s milk.

It can be used between 80-130W and offers smoke that is as thick as A2 coil

Overall, all three coils offer a range of options according to each person’s preference. For the finest balance, Baby V2 A2 mesh coil takes the lead and can be considered best of the lot.


The Smok TFV Mini V2 has stood the test of our review.

It is undoubtedly one of the best tank kits Smoke has released so far. Increased capacity for juices, ability to support all types of e-juices that you fill it up with, and a generous triple airflow system make it a great tank to get your hands onto.

Only con that we could identify was Baby V2 coil’s increased thirst for e-juices that is because coils are mesh based. Yet we believe the increased used of e-juice is justified for the rich flavor and cloud density Smok TFV Mini V2 offers!


  1. How long do vape tanks last?Generally speaking, a sub-ohm tank can last 4 days to 1 week. But it also depends on your vaping time.If you do not vape throughout the day, your coils will last longer.
  2. How long should I wait between puffs vape?To ensure your vape life longevity, it is better to wait for a couple of minutes to cool down the heating element.
  3. Where to buy good coils in UK?NewVaping is a leading online vape UK shop that supplys various vaping hardwares and coils with the competitive price, timely delivery and great after sales service.
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