How To Build A Squonk Mod



The most awaited Dovpo X TVC Topside 90W Squonk Box Mod, a collaboration between DOVPO and The Vapor Chronicles is finally here.

Topside is a new design technology that has kept vapers waiting in anticipation. While thrilled, even the most seasoned vapers are uncertain and skeptical about the new entrant.

Our review explores if the skepticism has merit or if the Topside performs well to satisfy our pleasant expectations.

Design and Build Quality

Carved out of zinc alloy, Topside squonk is on the bit heavier side. However, it looks classy and has a cold touch of steel that offers a premium look and feel-quality.

To adjust for the Topside feature, squonk mod has well curved contours that are visually appealing and helps to hold the device more conveniently.

Like the Dovpo Topside Dual 200W Squonk Box Mod, there is a 510 connector on top. However, the most fascinating part is beside the 510 connector- the top-filled squonk bottle port.

How To Work and Build A Squonk Device

The knurled cap on top is unscrewed using hands. Having unscrewed the top cap, the refill cap will pop up which has to be taken off to find the access port.

The build quality and design of top filled bottle port is complementary and can easily fit in a dropper of any size.

Squonk Bottle

It is the most impressive functional feature!

Top side Squonk offers dual 10ml capacity backed bottles which are the largest you can get currently in the market.

The second squonk bottle has a metal cap that fits perfectly and is easy to detach. Moreover, the metal cap allows you to carry the bottle without worrying for the juice spill.

The dual functionality is phenomenal. The topside makes refilling as easy as filling a water bottle! While the second bottle allows to swap the juice when juice level is low.

Battery Performance

Housed next to the squonk bottle compartment, battery is strategically placed well and provides 21700 or 20700. With an adapter, it can go up to 18650.


Topside offers a beast performance. The fire button – that shoots to 90 watts – gives power that can easily make it one of the best sqounk mod available.

The squoking performance is seamless, smooth, and efficient. When you squonk, the juice effortlessly travels to the RDA and causes no leakage.

Beyond vaping performance, the DOVPO X TVC TOPSIDE offers a smart chipset unit that provides:

· BYPASS Control

· Temperature Control

Before moving onto the final verdict, a brief look at the pros and cons can give a more holistic overview:


· Good build quality

· Remarkable top-fill mechanism

· Phenomenal power mode performance

· Easy to read, vibrant display

· One of the best squonking mods


· Temperature control is not most efficient

· Considerably heavy


Dripping and bottom fed atomizers have become a thing of the past. Bottom fed mods are a time machine to the future!

Offering a glimpse of the future designs, Topside has the most functional and futuristic squonk system with a phenomenal juice flow.

We suggest Topside squonk for all vapers, especially the veterans of vaping; it is a simple to use device for all complex and advances users.


  1. What is a Squonker mod?A squonker, also known as bottom-fed devices for the liquid is fed upwards through the bottom of the atomizer, is a vape mod with a built-in bottle containing e-liquid.
  2. Can you use a regular tank on a squonk mod?You have to use an RDA on squonk because tanks cannot be used with a bottom feeding mod. Usually a squonk box only utilizes a single 18650 battery.
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